Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Understanding Military Traumatic Brain Injuries

The National Library of Medicine found that there have been about 450,000 traumatic brain injuries (TBI) from the U.S. military in the 21st century, and many of these cases go unreported. A TBI is a serious and dangerous injury that...
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Why Are TBI and PTSD Often Rated Together?

It is no secret that Veterans who selflessly serve their country might come home with injuries – both physical and psychological. Veterans often bear the weight of war for years to come, if not for the rest of their lives....
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What are the Characteristics of Traumatic Brain Injury?

Many vets who have seen active service come back home with traumatic brain injuries or what is otherwise known as TBI. These are injuries that directly affect the brain and they happen when the head hits a hard surface or...
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How can A Traumatic Brain Injuries Claims Attorney Help You?

Diffuse axonal injury. Intracranial injury. Subdural hematoma. All of this sounds impressive, and not in a good way. Because all of these terms are referring to traumatic brain injury (TBI), an unfortunate occurrence of modern warfare. Indeed, traumatic brain injuries...
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Recent Article Calls for Increased Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness

The subject of traumatic brain injury is a hot topic in sports these days. Reports of talented athletes retiring at the top of their prime due to concussions are becoming frequent, and sports organizations are putting regulations and procedures in...
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The Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can have serious effects, which is why the VA has placed the utmost importance on helping veterans who suffer from them. There has been an entire division, in fact, called the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury...
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TBI Reevaluation

The VA has recently announced that more than 24,000 veterans can qualify to get a reevaluation for traumatic brain injury (TBI) benefits. TBI has come to be known as the signature injury of the Iraq and Afghanistan war. Physical, cognitive,...
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