Mental Health

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Therapy on Veterans with PTSD

According to a recent VA study, mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy can be more successful on the effects of PTSD in veterans than other group therapy options. A group of 116 random veterans at the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis were...
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New VA Partnership Aims to Decrease Veteran Suicide

As we’ve written about on many occasions, the suicide rate among veterans is staggering. But the VA has formed a partnership with the National Institute of Mental Health to study veteran suicides with the goal of preventing them. This partnership...
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The Veteran Vision Project

Millions have a new perspective on American veterans thanks to the work of photographer Devin Mitchell and his Veteran Vision Project. The photo essay features pictures of veterans reflecting upon their own image in a mirror, one in uniform and...
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New Bill Aims to Decrease Veteran Suicides

The number of suicides committed by American veterans has increased in recent years to a staggering 22 veterans each day. But it’s a statistic President Obama aims to decrease with the new Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention Act for American Veterans,...
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Living with Mental Wounds from Military Service in West Virginia

Mental wounds from military service are often referred to as “invisible wounds of war.”  While you cannot see or touch these wounds, they are just as debilitating, and often as life threatening as physical wounds. Thousands of our soldiers struggle...
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