Veterans disability benefits offer monthly monetary payments to former servicemembers who suffered injuries or illnesses during active military duty. These funds are tax-free, and often foster a significant improvement in the quality of life of veterans that qualify.

If you believe your service-related disability may entitle you to benefits, you do not have to pursue your claim alone. A skilled Charlotte veterans disability lawyer can guide you from start to finish of this legal process and help you pursue the compensation you deserve. Contact our firm to discuss your unique situation with a dedicated attorney.

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Who is Eligible for VA Disability Benefits?

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is required to review every application for disability benefits. This review covers various eligibility criteria that must be met. A Charlotte veterans disability attorney could ensure an application meets these criteria.

There are three crucial things that must be met for a veteran to pursue disability benefits. First, a veteran must have a recognized disability. This disability can be an injury or an illness, but it must come with a formal diagnosis from a medical professional.

Second, an applicant must have served in the military before filing his or her disability claim. There must also have been some service-related event, like a training accident or combat injury.

Third, there must be a nexus between the first two factors. It is not enough to be disabled or to have previously served in the military. A veteran’s disability must be service-related, meaning it is traceable to an event that occurred during his or her military service.

These factors can be difficult to prove, especially without the guidance of a seasoned veterans disability attorney. Legal counsel can help veterans take the necessary steps to draw a connection between his or her injuries and time spent in the military.

Appealing a Denied Claim

It is common for first-time applicants to receive a denial of his or her disability claim. These denials can happen for several different reasons. The VA might claim there is not enough documentation of a disability, or they can point to the lack of a service connection. In any case, a Charlotte veterans disability attorney can assist with appealing a denied claim.

It is possible to secure a favorable outcome during the appellate process. In many cases, additional evidence will show the VA that the claim should have never been denied in the first place. An initial denial does not mean benefits are out of the question.

However, pursuing an appeal without assistance is difficult. The process is more complex than filing the initial claim, and a mistake at this level can lead to total denial. An attorney can provide invaluable guidance throughout this entire process.

When a veteran hires an attorney for the appellate process, he or she is offered the opportunity to focus on their health instead of the appeal. Relying on experienced legal counsel also improves the chances of success and limits the time and effort a veteran must spend working on a denied benefits claim.

Call a Charlotte Veterans Disability Attorney Today

If you are considering a claim with the VA, now is the time to act. The process can be challenging, especially if your claim is initially denied. However, a rejection does not have to be the end of your benefits journey. An attorney’s support and guidance can make all the difference during this process.

Allow a Charlotte veterans disability lawyer to help you pursue the benefits you deserve for your sacrifices and service. Reach out to our firm today to schedule a consultation.

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