Our Leadership

  • Amanda Nolan
    Medical Records Team Leader
  • Beth Parsons
    VA Case Management Team Leader
  • Brittany Hart
    Mail & Scanning Team Leader
  • Casey Hardman
    Media Production & Market Development Specialist
  • Chelsea Parker
    SS Operations Manager
  • Elizabeth Dues
    Outlying Office Manager
  • Eric Hillyard-Poling
    Chief Information Officer
  • Heather Dillon
    Leads & Intake Manager
  • Jess Hacker
    VA Operations & Training Manager
  • Joe Fortuno
    VA Case Development Team Leader
  • Katrina Kirkpatrick
    Leads & Intake Team Leader
  • Kaydi Hoppel
    HR Recruiting Specialist
  • Lisa Stanley
    SS Case Development Team Leader
  • Mary-Michael McClung
    Human Resources Manager & Culture Director
  • Sabrina Stanley
    SS Case Management Team Leader
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