If you served your country in the armed services, the country owes you a debt. If you were injured while serving or developed a health condition related to your service, the government also owes you financial support.

Anyone who suffered a permanent or disabling injury while serving their country is eligible for veterans’ disability benefits. Sadly, the application process is cumbersome and could drag on for months and even years. Many veterans lose patience and give up.

A Beckley veteran’s disability lawyer will fight for your rights to disability benefits. With help from a dedicated attorney devoted to helping disabled veterans, you can better navigate the system to get the compensation you deserve.

Veterans’ Disability Benefits Not Just for the Disabled

Disability benefits are available to anyone who served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard. However, the benefit is not available to veterans who received dishonorable discharges.

The term “disability benefit” is a misnomer. Although the program provides substantial support to veterans who cannot work due to a service-related condition, veterans could receive compensation for any health condition related to their time in the armed forces. The payment amount will increase depending on the severity of the condition. Still, any service-related health condition that impacts the veteran’s social or occupational adjustment could merit benefit payments.

A veteran who can work might be reluctant to seek disability benefits. In these situations, disability benefits serve as compensation for the inconvenience, physical pain, and emotional discomfort of the injury rather than payment for a disability. Veterans have earned their benefits and should claim them.

Qualifying for Veterans’ Disability in Beckley

A veteran could receive disability payments for any condition that arose while they were in the armed services. If the condition appeared for the first time while the veteran was serving, it likely qualifies as a service-related condition. Even pre-existing conditions that worsened due to military service could be eligible.

A physical ailment or mental health condition need not prevent a veteran from working or engaging in activities of daily living. Qualifying for benefits requires a veteran to meet a three-pronged test:

  • Condition diagnosed by a medical professional that limits the veteran’s activities or quality of life in some manner
  • An illness, event, or condition that occurred during the veteran’s service
  • Medical professional’s opinion that it is at least as likely as not that the illness, event, or condition led to the diagnosed condition

Conditions that arise within one year of discharge could sometimes be eligible for veterans’ disability benefits. Secondary health problems from a condition that occurred during military service also might qualify. If a VA healthcare professional committed medical malpractice on the veteran, any health conditions arising from the malpractice could be eligible for disability benefits. A local veterans’ disability attorney can evaluate whether a specific health condition might qualify in a particular case.

You can check out our Veterans disability calculator to get an estimate about your potential monthly benefits.

Response Determines Next Steps

If the VA approves an application for disability benefits, the veteran will receive a disability rating of zero to 100 percent. Veterans with a zero rating do not qualify for payments. Veterans with a 100 percent disability rating cannot work and may have substantial limits on their independence and ability to care for themselves.

A veteran’s payments depend on his or her disability rating. The higher the rating, the more money the veteran will receive. Veterans with a disability rating of at least 30 percent could receive higher payments if their spouse, children, or parents are financially dependent on them or if they have a severely disabled spouse.

Unfortunately, the VA might deny benefits to a veteran who has a service-related medical condition or assign a disability rating that is too low. The veteran has a right to appeal, but the process can be complex, and there is little room for error. A veteran in this position should work with a Beckley attorney for help pursuing disability benefits.

Consult a Beckley Attorney on Pursuing Veterans’ Disability Benefits

You deserve compensation if your service caused or worsened a health condition that still impacts your quality of life. Veterans’ disability benefits provide monthly payments to veterans with mild to severe service-related health conditions.

Do not be reluctant to claim the benefits you are entitled to receive. Contact a Beckley veterans’ disability lawyer today to begin the process of claiming what you are due.

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