The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recognizes some common medical conditions that those who served in armed conflicts continue to experience. You should be aware that, as a Veteran, you are entitled to benefits that may include healthcare and monthly disability checks.

While certain combat-related injuries are easy to identify, there are some service-related conditions that are not so obviously connected to your present health issues. Our Veterans disability lawyers serving The Villages, FL can help you navigate the confusing process of applying for benefits and appealing if they are denied. Our VA benefits attorneys represent clients nationwide, so you can call us no matter where in the country you live.

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Common Conditions Veteran Disability Conditions

Over the years, the VA has identified medical conditions its physicians see most commonly in Veterans. Suffering from one of them should prompt Veterans to explore whether he or she is entitled to benefits. These common conditions include:

Veterans should consult their primary care physicians or a VA environmental health coordinator at the Malcolm Randall VA Medical Center in Gainesville or Orlando’s Lake Baldwin VA Medical Center. Veterans are also eligible for a free Agent Orange Registry medical exam.

The VA recognizes certain attorneys that can help Veterans meet the requirements for disability benefits, and they are VA-accredited under 38 Code of Federal Regulations § 14.636. The Fight4Vets team facilitates Veterans claims throughout the country and are happy to assist servicemembers from The Villages.

Providing Evidence to the VA

Veterans must provide their DD214 or other discharge papers and evidence that the injury or illness occurred on active military duty. The VA will presume some conditions are related to service, such as those associated with being a prisoner of war or exposure to certain chemicals. A current physician’s diagnosis linking the disability to the service-related event is also required.

A servicemember in The Villages, FL can schedule a Compensation and Pension (C&P) exam at his or her local VA clinic or consult their primary care physician.

The Veterans Disability Rating

The VA uses a mathematical formula to assign a rating to Veterans whose disabilities are linked to a service-related condition. The ratings are percentages from 0% to 100% disabled. If the rating is at least 30% disabled, the Veteran may claim dependents.

A disabled Veteran receives a monthly, tax-free check to compensate him or her for being unable to perform full-time work, as well as medical and rehabilitative treatments. He or she may be eligible for special enhanced compensation if the severity of the injuries meets VA requirements.

Appealing a Denial

Veterans in The Villages whose applications are denied should consult a VA-accredited disability attorney to appeal. The denial could be based on failure to include a DD214, but if the claims examiner does not have enough evidence that the current condition is service-related, an attorney can file supplemental claims with additional information, such as an opinion from another physician.

Lawyers can ask for a higher-level review in a conference with the Regional Office, where claims administrators are more experienced in handling denials. It is also possible to ask a them to review denied claims or additional information, or schedule a conference with the judge to discuss why a denial should be reversed.

Learn How a Veterans Disability Attorney Assists Servicemembers in The Villages

If you served your country valiantly in Korea, Vietnam, or at any other time, and were injured or exposed to toxins while on active duty, we are honored to assist you in getting the benefits you deserve. We are VA-accredited attorneys and helping Veterans nationwide is what we do.

You could be entitled to a monthly tax-free check to help you live more comfortably. Your spouse and certain dependents may also be eligible. If you are a resident of The Villages, a Veterans disability lawyer is available to take your call.

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