Everyday, our military servicemembers are faced with many dangerous circumstances. Though they see many injuries, deaths, and tragedies, exposure to toxic chemicals can be the most harmful to their health and body. Toxic chemicals can leave veterans suffering from a variety of ailing symptoms and diseases.

Veterans of Vietnam may develop disabling diseases related to the exposure of Agent Orange or other herbicides. Meanwhile, Gulf War veterans have reported clusters of unexplained symptoms, including chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, and fibromyalgia, which last for six months or more. 

Veterans can collect compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs for disabilities related to injuries or diseases either caused by exposure to toxic chemicals or herbicides during active military service or aggravated by exposure to such substances. If you are suffering from this type of service-connected disability, reach out to our Veterans disability claim lawyers for assistance with filing a VA toxic exposure disability claim for benefits. We serve Veterans from across the nation!

Toxic Chemicals from Military Bases

Chemical toxins include Agent Orange and other herbicides that are harmful to the body. Pesticides, sulfur fire, industrial solvents, depleted Uranium, chromium, and PCBs are also chemicals linked to health problems in former servicemembers.

If you believe your health problems are a result of military base exposure to one of the chemicals listed above, or by other forms of harmful chemicals, contact our firm for guidance through the VA’s disability claims process.

Exposure to Dangerous Radiation

There are two types of radiation: ionizing and non-ionizing. Ionizing radiation may pose a health risk because it sends out extremely high energy. Ionizing radiation can be sourced from nuclear weapon testing or other activities performed during military service. Long-term health problems related to radiation can be discovered through the VA’s free Ionizing Radiation Registry health exam. If radiation from a military base or combat zone has caused your health to deteriorate, contact an attorney on our team for a free consultation and assistance in applying for benefits.

Inhalation of Toxic Air Pollutants

Air pollutants include burn pits, oil well fire and smoke, sulfur fire, and sand, dust, and particulates. Sand and dust in the air can cause respiratory problems and make the vital breathing process more difficult. Gulf War veterans may suffer from health problems caused by oil or gas wells that caught on fire and burned, polluting the air around them. In Iraq, a sulfur plant burned for a continuous month in June of 2003, and large amounts of sulfur dioxide were released into the air.

Burn pits are one of the most significant contributors to toxic chemical exposure. Soldiers live at the sites of these pits where human waste and other destructive chemicals, such as paint and battery acid, are burned. Inhaling the toxic smoke day after day can result in long-term health consequences.

In an effort to establish a new registry for eligible veterans, the VA continues to study the health risks and effects of air pollution. If your health has suffered due to pollutants in the air during your time of service, then you may be eligible to receive veterans’ disability benefits

Occupational Hazards Causing Toxic Exposure

Asbestos, industrial solvents, lead, radiation, fuels, PCBs, vibration, noise, and CARC paint are just a few of the occupational hazards that military service members may be exposed to. Fuels such as diesel and JP-8 were once used to operate military vehicles and are extremely dangerous to the health of an individual. Though one would not often consider the severity of vibration and noise, these two factors can be serious health risks as well. Severe vibration can cause strenuous damage to the body, while loud sounds caused by guns, equipment, and machinery can result in hearing loss or tinnitus (ringing in the ears). If you have experienced health problems related to any of these occupational hazards, then you may be eligible for disability compensation.

Warfare Agents

Exposure to chemical and biological weapons can cause certain heath problems. Mustard gas, Edgewood/Aberdeen experiments, nerve agents, project 112/project SHAD, and herbicide tests and storage are among these. These gases and agents are common among military bases. Mustard gas is an odorless, poisonous gas used in World War I and II, as well as in many military tests during the 1940s.

Some veterans may have been exposed to nerve agents during combat. These agents enter through inhalation or the skin and attack the nervous system of the body. Agent Orange and other herbicides were tested and stored on some military bases during the Vietnam War. The health effects of any of these gasses or agents depend on the amount of exposure and inhalation.

Contact an Attorney to Learn More about VA Toxic Exposure Disability Claims

Establishing the right to disability compensation related to chemical exposure during military service can be a difficult process. Each veteran’s disability lawyer at our firm is experienced at helping veterans establish their disability claims and can help you too.

If you suffer from health problems related to toxic exposure, then you may be entitled to receive compensation through the VA. Contact an attorney at Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law for assistance in filing your VA toxic exposure disability claim. Call us toll-free or use our online contact form.


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