When you served in the Coast Guard, you may have patrolled waters close to our nation’s shores, or you may have been in far distant waters in a war zone. Wherever you served as a veteran of the Coast Guard, you and your shipmates answered your country’s call to duty.

As a Coast Guard veteran, you have joined a long line of seamen whose service and sacrifice helped protect our country. If you have developed a disabling condition related to your active duty in the Coast Guard, then you deserve our nation’s gratitude in the form of disability compensation for your service.

Yet, Coast Guard veterans often find that securing disability benefits on their own is more time-consuming and frustrating than it really should be. Our Coast Guard veterans’ disability lawyers focus on working with former servicemembers because we sincerely appreciate what they have done for our nation. Let one of our experienced attorneys help you obtain the benefits you deserve.

How Do Coast Guard Vets Qualify for Disability Compensation?

Any injuries or diseases that developed during active military service or were aggravated by serving in the Coast Guard may warrant disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). For example, Coast Guard veterans are at higher risk of developing certain kinds of respiratory-related diseases because of asbestos, toxic fumes, and hazardous materials commonly found on ships and in shipyards.

Coast Guard and Navy veterans who served aboard vessels that operated primarily on inland waterways, “brown water” rivers, and delta areas in Vietnam may be eligible for disability benefits based on the presumption of exposure to herbicide agents such as Agent Orange. The list of presumptively dangerous vessels includes those of Inshore Fire Support Division 93, the designation LST, LCVP, PCF (Swift boats) and PBR, and all Coast Guard cutters with hull designation WPB (patrol boat) and WHEC (high endurance cutters) during their Vietnam tour.


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