Unfortunately, many who served honorably in the U.S. military find themselves ill or injured from circumstances surrounding their service. For risking your life and dealing with the physical and mental aftermath, the U.S. government may owe you disability benefits. These regular payments could help secure your future if you are unable to work and could include extensive rehabilitative care through the veterans’ hospital system.

If you were disabled while serving in the military or developed a service-related illness after your discharge, a Logan veterans disability lawyer may be able to help. Call today to discuss your circumstances with a seasoned attorney. Please also check out our Veterans’ disability calculator on our site to learn what you might be owed.

How Does a Veteran Qualify for Benefits?

To receive disability benefits as a veteran, the military has some requirements that applicants must meet. Initially, the person must have served on active duty or active-duty training for a prescribed period. Other benchmarks veterans must meet include:

  • Discharge from the military must be other than dishonorable, with few exceptions
  • Injury or illness cannot be the result of willful misconduct, with some exceptions that can be linked to other service-connected disabilities, such as drug abuse to combat PTSD
  • The injury or illness must originate during a period of active duty
  • The injury or illness must now be causing a disability attributed to military service
  • The disability must not have existed prior to military service, or if it did, it must have been made worse during active duty

Meeting these criteria is just the beginning for someone seeking disability benefits. A knowledgeable attorney serving Logan knows what a veteran is going through and can help guide them through this otherwise daunting process.

What Does the Government Look for When Deciding on Disability Claims?

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) requires those seeking disability benefits to provide specific documentation in order for a decision to be made. A Logan attorney specializing in veterans’ disability claims could help gather the evidence required to prove that a veteran’s physical or mental impairment is service-related. The required supporting documents include a DD214 discharge or other separation papers, as well as medical treatment reports from the military and as a civilian.

Retrieving Evidence Can be Complicated

Sometimes, retrieving the necessary documents can be complicated. For instance, some Army and Air Force veterans’ records were destroyed in a 1973 fire at the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) and will need to be reconstructed. Additionally, if a disability occurred because of malpractice in a veterans’ hospital, proving it may require legal assistance.

While it may seem obvious that a condition is related to military service, such as exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam, there is still a legal process to prove this. Because records during wartime are sometimes lost or were never kept, veterans have the burden of proof concerning their claims. An experienced veterans disability attorney serving Logan understands this process and can offer vital guidance on navigating the VA’s system successfully.

Allow a Logan Veterans Disability Attorney to Fight for Your Benefits

Unfortunately, many veterans who entered military service as healthy men and women now face physical and mental challenges. If you sustained harm related to your service, the government might owe you disability benefits to compensate for your losses. These benefits could help you to obtain proper medical care and treatment.

Applying for these benefits can be frustrating, and your claim could be denied for reasons that seemingly make no sense. However, a Logan Veterans Disability lawyer is here to help. Every case is unique, and we want to hear your story. Call for a confidential evaluation today.

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