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Samantha Smith

At Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, we are veterans benefits lawyers and we are proud to help veterans and their families obtain the veterans benefits offered by a grateful nation. Our experienced disability attorneys for war veterans and benefits lawyers are confident in our ability to win approval of benefits for the clients we represent – so confident, in fact, that unless we deliver, we don’t get paid. A main focus of our law practice is obtaining disability benefits.

CAJ Action

They’ve represented me since 2015 and have been very professional at all times. They return all of your phone calls and answer any questions you may have. They really show that they care about the veteran first. This is no doubt the best law firm for veterans.

Janice B.

They took my case for my VA disability. They told me that when they win my case, they take a cut. I was totally OK with that because I have been on the VA with my disabilities for about 10 years. Well, I never knew about TDIU and they did so they helped me put in a claim for TDIU. I didn’t even have to appeal my case, I got the 100% TDIU approved after only 5 months. They didn’t even take a cut because they only take their cut when you appeal and I think I completely missed that part initially because I was so surprised that they helped me for free! I took the advice of a veteran friend and hired them and I am glad I did. You will too!

Leon Sisk

Jan Dils and Associates are the best for helping Veterans! They helped me get my disability and they worked hard to help me. Thank you Jan and Associates!!!

Casey Sutton

I wanted to thank Jan Dills for their exceptional service and getting a successful decision on my disability claim with the VA in under 7 months!

All of the staff have been very informative, helpful, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend your firm to other veterans and have to a few already.

Loretta White

I have been utilizing the service of Jan Dils Attorneys at Law for at least five years. They have been consistent, assisting me with my every need, I could call, email, fax or snail mail; I would receive feedback and explanations within 24 hours of them receiving. The best part was preparing me for my Veterans disability hearing in St. Petersburg. I was so nervous but my lawyer flew all the way to Florida from West Virginia to make sure all went well. I was completely assured and confident after speaking with Devon. She was absolutely wonderful, I actually felt like family. I am so thankful that they represent Veterans around the U.S.

Shawn Haynes

Wonderful law firm. They do so much in our community. Both of my parents are Veterans, and they gave me so really helpful advice regarding VA benefits.

Jan has been so Wonderful to our town, and she is so giving.

Tharon Cummins

Everyone here at Jan Dils office is amazing! They work very hard for Us veteran’s whether they get paid or not! I didn’t truly believe there was anyone left in America that cared about Veterans. Jan Dils people do. They literally saved my life. Thank you all so very much

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