If you are suffering from a physical or mental condition related to your military service, you may be eligible for tax-free disability payments overseen by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Whether you were injured during your service, your existing condition was made worse by your service, or you developed issues after discharge related to your service, you may be eligible to file a disability claim.

Depending on when you became disabled, you will file an Inservice Disability Claim, a Pre-Service Disability Claim, or a Post-Service Disability Claim— all of which must be accompanied by specific documentation. If you are a disabled veteran interested in learning more about what the VA could do for you, call our firm to discuss your case with a dedicated attorney. A Logan veterans disability claims lawyer can walk you through your claim today.

Honorable Discharge

Veterans who are dismissed from service under conditions other than honorable discharge may not qualify to receive disability benefits. However, veterans may be eligible for a discharge upgrade if the discharge was related to mental health, sexual harassment or assault, or sexual orientation. Failing that, a Character of Discharge Review may be in order, in which the VA could determine if a veteran’s service was honorable for its purposes. A Logan veterans’ disability attorney can answer any questions about or assist with claim-related issues.

Applying for Veterans Disability Payments

A veteran’s original claim is submitted on VA Form 21-526EZ, known as the Application for Disability Compensation and Related Compensation Benefits. The VA needs evidence in the form of supporting documents to ensure that a disability is service-related. Such evidence may include:

  • Medical records from current physicians that link a condition to military service or show it has worsened since before military service
  • Supporting medical records compiled during military service
  • Providing the discharge document (Form DD214)
  • A buddy letter from another veteran who can corroborate the in-service event, or family, clergy, friends, and others who can detail how a veteran has been affected by the disability
  • Submitting an Intent to File Form (if more time is needed to gather evidence) to secure an effective date on which benefits begin, as long as the formal claim is filed within a year of the Intent Form
  • Attending any medical exams, called a Compensation & Pension (C&P) Exam, that the VA schedules

This process is time-consuming and involves a waiting period after applying. The VA may request additional information, which may further delay a decision. A competent Logan attorney can ensure that a disabled veteran’s claim is correctly submitted.

Assigning a Disability Rating

Once the VA determines a veteran’s disability is service-related, it will assign a disability rating assessing the severity of the disability as a percentage from zero to 100 percent. This establishes how much compensation a veteran can receive, including monthly payments and health care benefits. The VA can also rate multiple disabilities and combine them to arrive at a disability percentage.

Schedule of Rating Disabilities

The VA uses a Schedule of Rating Disabilities, which assigns diagnostic codes to different body parts and then matches the severity of a veteran’s current symptoms to determine the appropriate code.

Veterans may apply for increased payments to qualified dependents with a disability rating of at least 30 percent. Even if a disability rating is zero percent, a veteran may qualify for health care or other VA benefits. A Logan veterans disability claims attorney can further explain this process during a private consultation.

Contact a Logan Veterans Disability Claims Attorney Today

If you are grappling with an illness or injury that impacts your ability to work, and you were honorably discharged from the United States military, you may be entitled to monthly compensation or healthcare benefits from the government.

Whether your injury or illness occurred on active duty, was made worse while serving, or developed after your honorable discharge but is related to your service, you may be owed disability benefits.

Many veterans put their applications off because the forms and evidence needed are confusing. We are here to help. Our Logan disability claims lawyers specialize in assisting disabled military personnel with securing the benefits they deserve. Do not delay; schedule your consultation today.

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