If you were injured or became ill while on active duty in the U.S. military, even if you never left the States, you may be entitled to financial and medical benefits. Importantly, you must connect your injury or illness to your military service.

Disabled Veterans who prove their claims can receive a disability designation that allows the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to determine how much you should be compensated in a tax-free monthly check. The percentage of disability ranges from 0 to 100, or total disability, in increments of 10. Our VA-accredited claims attorneys work only with servicemembers seeking the benefits they have earned. Call us and learn how a Logan Veteran’s physical condition claim could secure your benefits.

Physical Conditions Eligible for VA Disability

Some of the dangers associated with military service are evident, and some only manifest themselves later in life, but the VA recognizes many physical conditions that would make a Logan Veteran eligible for disability benefits. Some of the most common conditions are:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI), the signature injury for servicemembers who saw combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, with nearly 350,000 affected according to the Defense of Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC)
  • Neurological and nerve damage that causes epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, paralysis, neuropathy, and migraines
  • Skin conditions including burns, skin cancer, immune disorders, hives, dermatitis, and psoriasis
  • Musculoskeletal problems causing pain in bones, muscles, joints, and connective tissue
  • Respiratory conditions such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, nodules, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Other conditions such as loss of limbs or any of the senses, heart disease, loss of fertility, gastrointestinal issues, blood and lymphatic disorders, and infectious diseases

The VA presumes some conditions are service-related and will award benefits without extensive proof, such as when a Veteran was injured in an explosion – but other conditions, like the ones listed above, may require more work. A VA-accredited Logan attorney is available to discuss your service-related injury and assist you with your physical condition claim.

The VA Disability Rating System

The VA determines a service member’s percentage of disability by considering many factors. Multiple physical conditions can be combined for a higher rating. To receive benefits, a servicemember must be at least 10% disabled, which means the VA believes his or her condition decreases overall health and capabilities by that percentage. At 30% disability, the Veteran can claim their spouse and children and receive additional benefits.

Other rating factors include the medical reports submitted with the application, the nature and severity of the physical condition, and if the condition has worsened since military service. The VA defers to a rate compensation chart and compares a disability to others who were granted benefits in the past. Benefits can be enhanced if a Veteran loses a limb, is severely disabled, has a disabled spouse, or has a disability rated at least 30% and is responsible for at least one dependent. Benefits can be decreased if the Veteran is convicted of a felony and is incarcerated for at least 60 days.

What Happens After a Physical Condition Claim is Filed?

A servicemember must wait for a period of time after filing a disability claim. The average wait tends to be between 4-8 months before the claim is reviewed, determined, and an eligibility rating is set. In the meantime, the VA may request additional information that must be timely provided. The monthly checks are calculated by relying on many factors, and you can try out our Veterans disability calculator to get some sense of what benefits might be available.

In the event a Logan Veteran’s physical condition claim for benefits is denied, there is an extensive appeals process that a lawyer could utilize to fix errors and get the claim approved.

Call Our Logan Attorneys When Filing Your Veteran’s Physical Condition Claims

There is a robust list of physical conditions the VA accepts if you can prove they stem from your time in the service. However, some of these are not always presumed to be service-connected and may require extra evidence or an appeal if denied. It can be overwhelming to navigate the system.

The sooner you sit down with a VA-accredited attorney to ask questions and follow our guidance, the faster your well-deserved disability check will begin arriving. Call for a free consultation now so we can file your Logan Veteran’s physical condition claim.

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