When veterans complete active service, the injuries sustained during his or her time in the military may remain forever. These physical and mental disabilities can make it difficult to find employment or even satisfy day-to-day needs. Thankfully, benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can compensate veterans for service-related harm. An experienced attorney can assist veterans with securing the benefits he or she deserves from the VA.

If you are living with injuries sustained during your military service, you may be entitled to VA benefits. However, obtaining these benefits can prove extremely difficult, especially without the guidance of seasoned legal counsel. Let a Charlotte veterans disability claims lawyer assist you with your claim and help ensure that procedural roadblocks do not prevent you from getting the compensation you need.

Who May Qualify for VA Disability Benefits?

There are limitations on the right to recover benefits through the VA. In order for veterans to secure disability benefits, he or she must meet several requirements set forth by the VA. The good news is that a Charlotte attorney can help veterans determine eligibility, and, if so, assist with the disability claims process.

It is not enough for a veteran to believe he or she has a serious illness or injury­­. In order to qualify for VA benefits, a veteran must have proof of a qualifying disability. This harm must have originated from an injury sustained during active service or a pre-existing condition worsened during active duty. In either case, an applicant for VA benefits must have a diagnosis from a doctor or other healthcare professional to qualify.

Having a current diagnosis of a disability is only the first step in the process. A veteran must also be able to show that his or her disability is tied to military service. Any injury that is not service-related is not eligible for VA benefits. One of the most challenging aspects of these cases is demonstrating a link between a service event and a disability.

There are challenges that can arise during this process, even for veterans who are clearly eligible for benefits. In many cases, the VA will reject a claim for benefits based on the lack of proof that a disability is service-related. This could be because there is no clear link between a veteran’s service and the disability. Alternatively, a claim could be denied when there is no clear diagnosis of a disability. A Charlotte attorney can help veterans address these challenges when filing a disability claim.

Understanding Disability Benefits

When the VA reviews an application and determines that benefits are appropriate, those benefits are paid out on a monthly basis. These monthly payments are made directly to the veteran. The amount a veteran is paid each month will depend on how his or her disability is “rated.” A higher rating means that the severity of a disability is greater.

It is possible for the VA to grant benefits to a veteran, but in an amount that is far less than what he or she deserves. A Charlotte veterans disability claims attorney can pursue an appeal in order to secure a fair amount of compensation.

Trust Your Claim with a Charlotte Veterans Disability Claims Attorney

The process of seeking benefits from the VA can be complex and overwhelming. Having an attorney on your side that will aggressively pursue the benefits you deserve can help avoid delays, procedural hurdles, and reduce the amount of stress that comes with this process.

Let a Charlotte veterans disability claims lawyer help you fight for benefits from the VA. Call our firm today to schedule your consultation.

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