Serving in the military can significantly impact the human body. There are several ways in which a veteran could have become injured, such as in training exercises or combat. These injuries can occur stateside, but they also frequently occur while on deployment. In any of these situations, disability through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) might be available.

Unfortunately, demonstrating that you qualify for benefits is much easier said than done. The reality is that many Charlotte veterans physical condition claims are initially denied by the VA. Let a seasoned veterans benefits attorney help you navigate the claims system and help you obtain the payments you deserve for your valiant service. Contact our team today to discuss your claim with an experienced legal professional.

Physical Conditions Covered by the VA

There are countless conditions that could result in a successful disability claim with the VA. These physical conditions often involve injuries that can be traced to combat or a traumatic accident that occurred during active military service. However, physical conditions can also cover illnesses that result from exposure to harmful chemicals.

Most physical condition claims on behalf of Charlotte veterans involve some sort of injury that resulted from an accident. These injuries can involve wounds sustained in combat, but they are frequently related to training exercises or accidents that occurred on base. Injuries can result from falls, vehicle accidents, or explosions, among other things.

An unfortunate number of physical condition claims are related to life-threatening illnesses, including cancer. Many service members have been exposed to contaminated drinking water that has resulted in countless life-altering illnesses. Combat veterans can also face serious health issues due to the harmful chemicals inhaled on the battlefield.

Claims Related to Pre-Existing Conditions

Not every physical condition coverable by the VA starts with an active-duty event. In some cases, it is possible to recover VA benefits for conditions that existed prior to military service. However, this is only possible under certain circumstances.

As a Charlotte attorney can further explain, a VA claim will only cover a veteran’s pre-existing physical condition if a service-related event re-aggravated or worsened that injury. For example, an accident that makes a prior neck injury worse could result in a viable VA claim. The same is not true for neck injuries that existed prior to service that was not aggravated or worsened.

Understanding VA Benefits

VA disability benefits come in the form of monthly payments. These payments can vary depending on the severity of a physical condition, up to the maximum benefits allowed. The amount of benefits awarded each month depends on the rating of the disability.

The VA rates each disability on a range between zero and 100 percent. A 100 percent rating means a condition has left a person entirely unable to maintain employment or meet his or her own needs.

These benefits are ongoing for as long as the condition is present. In fact, it may also be possible for a veteran to receive some backpay for his or her disability. The payments from the VA do not begin to accrue on the date the claim is accepted. Instead, a veteran is entitled to back pay starting on the date the condition occurred.

Discuss Charlotte Veterans’ Physical Condition Claims with a Seasoned Attorney

If you are living with an injury or illness caused by your time in the military, you might be entitled to benefits through the VA. These disability benefits could be life-changing, but the claims process is never easy. Reach out to an experienced lawyer today to learn more about Charlotte veterans physical condition claims and how an attorney could help.

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