Psychological Conditions

Does the VA Classify PTSD and Depression as the Same Thing?

If you consistently feel “down” or numb, or if your mood interferes with daily activities, you might be suffering from depression. Alternatively, you could have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and both depression and PTSD share several symptoms. With either condition,...
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How to Get My VA Benefits Rating From 50% to 70% for Psychological Conditions

For Veterans who have experienced a psychological disability, it is important to be aware of the VA benefits available to get the proper care and services they are entitled to. The amount of benefit you receive will depend on the...
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How to Get a Higher Disability Rating for a Psychological Condition

A disability rating is a rating assigned to a Veteran based on the severity of his or her condition, which signifies the monthly compensation and other benefits they may be eligible for. There is still a stigma around mental health...
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How Particulate Matter is Affecting the Presumptive Service List

On Apr 25, 2022, the Veterans Administration announced nine rare respiratory cancers and twelve other respiratory conditions as presumed service-connected disabilities due to military environmental exposures. This is excellent news for Gulf War veterans, among others. The VA will start...
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What Are the Combat Compensation Rates for 2022?

Many former servicemembers find it difficult to prove their eligibility to receive both retirement pay and disability compensation without a 50% disability rating for conditions not related to combat. For this reason, it may be in your best interests to...
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What to Know Before Filing a Sleep Apnea Claim as a Veteran

If you are a veteran suffering from any form of sleep apnea as a direct result of your active-duty military service, you may be entitled to compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Understanding whether your sleep apnea qualifies...
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New VA Partnership Aims to Decrease Veteran Suicide

As we’ve written about on many occasions, the suicide rate among veterans is staggering. But the VA has formed a partnership with the National Institute of Mental Health to study veteran suicides with the goal of preventing them. This partnership...
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The Veteran Vision Project

Millions have a new perspective on American veterans thanks to the work of photographer Devin Mitchell and his Veteran Vision Project. The photo essay features pictures of veterans reflecting upon their own image in a mirror, one in uniform and...
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New Bill Aims to Decrease Veteran Suicides

The number of suicides committed by American veterans has increased in recent years to a staggering 22 veterans each day. But it’s a statistic President Obama aims to decrease with the new Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention Act for American Veterans,...
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