Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Therapy on Veterans with PTSD

According to a recent VA study, mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy can be more successful on the effects of PTSD in veterans than other group therapy options.

A group of 116 random veterans at the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis were assigned to one of two different therapies as follows:

  •     Mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy, a growing alternative treatment for PTSD: 8 sessions of mindful stress reduction techniques and meditation (2.5 hours weekly), along with a daylong retreat.
  •    Present-centered therapy, a standard form of therapy for PTSD: 9 sessions of group therapy (1.5 hours weekly) that emphasized coping with PTSD symptoms in daily life.

In the study, 49% of veterans with the first kind of therapy were found to have a significant reduction in their PTSD symptoms; whereas, only 28% in the second group reported a noticeable improvement.

So, what is mindfulness training?

  • Techniques that encourage veterans to confront painful memories they would otherwise be inclined to avoid.
  • It includes meditation and breathing exercises that can be done just about anywhere.
  • The overarching focus is on being mindful of the present and being aware in everything they do.
  • Researchers intend it as either an alternative or supplemental treatment to other PTSD therapies.

More research is necessary to know the full effectiveness of mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy and how its implementation in the VA community would work best. But since PTSD affects around 23% of new-era veterans, this study is important to the ongoing conversation about the condition and its long-term effects.

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