Living with Mental Wounds from Military Service in West Virginia

Mental wounds from military service are often referred to as “invisible wounds of war.”  While you cannot see or touch these wounds, they are just as debilitating, and often as life threatening as physical wounds.

Thousands of our soldiers struggle with these invisible wounds, and too many contemplate, and sometimes carry out, suicide.  This is heart-wrenching, especially so when you consider the sacrifices they and their families have already made on behalf of our freedom.  Our returning soldiers deserve to be treated with honor and respect; however, unfortunately, many do not receive the help they so desperately need in a timely manner.

Recent Studies of Mental Wounds from Military Service

A study by the Army Public Health Command discovered that between 2004 and 2008, there was an alarming increase in the suicide rate of our soldiers on active duty. In another study by the Department of Veterans Affairs from 2005 to 2010, soldiers who had served on active duty were committing suicide at the rate of one every 36 hours.

Many soldiers are reluctant to pursue any type of help with mental health issues due to their concerns about it impacting their careers and lives in a negative way.  So even though the military is attempting to reach out to our soldiers, it’s important to educate our soldiers and the public to help remove the stigma attached to someone suffering from mental health issues.

When an individual isolates themselves, as often happens, because of the social stigma, the problem is only compounded and prevents them from obtaining the life-saving help they so desperately need.

Fight4Vets is Your Best Resource for West Virginia Veterans

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