Recent Article Calls for Increased Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness

The subject of traumatic brain injury is a hot topic in sports these days. Reports of talented athletes retiring at the top of their prime due to concussions are becoming frequent, and sports organizations are putting regulations and procedures in place to protect their players. So why aren’t brain injury statistics among veterans and active members of the Armed Forces more prevalent in the conversation?

In a compelling article in the Washington Post, RAND Corporation Senior Research Analyst Terri Tanielian shed light on the lack of education where traumatic brain injury is concerned, pointing out the criticism NFL officials have garnered in recent months for their ignorance.

According to Tanielian’s research, the Department of Defense has reported 320,000 instances of traumatic brain injury in service members since the year 2000 with 1 of every 5 veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan returning with some kind of traumatic brain injury. With these kinds of figures, the VA must be on top of its game when it comes to taking care of the individuals who have sacrificed for our country.

Yet there remains a deficiency of knowledge in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of brain injuries on the whole despite their frequency, a fact Tanielian believes could be improved with more data.

“It’s important for the health of our children, professional athletes and veterans that these institutions collaborate with researchers to track when and how brain trauma happens and to whom, so we can better understand what puts people at risk,” the article says.

This research, along with specifics about what different kinds of trauma do to the brain and which treatments are effective in different scenarios, need to be made available to healthcare professionals across the board – VA facilities notwithstanding – to ensure that patients receive the highest standard of care.

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