What are the Characteristics of Traumatic Brain Injury?

Many vets who have seen active service come back home with traumatic brain injuries or what is otherwise known as TBI. These are injuries that directly affect the brain and they happen when the head hits a hard surface or object, when one is in an explosion or when shrapnel is lodged in the head. The problem with TBI’s is that they are not always obvious – it can take many years for them to manifest.

In fact, so many vets were complaining about this condition that the VA had to change the rules for compensation for this kind of injury so that they could be more inclusive. A few years ago they extended the description to say “A veteran who can establish service-connection for traumatic brain injury (that is, that the TBI resulted from military service) may be able to get an increase in benefits based on these illnesses”. Today, people who suffer Parkinson’s, seizures for no apparent reason, certain kinds of dementia, depression and hormone deficiency diseases are now considered for compensation.

That said, the VA often complicates matters – they have endless procedures for determining who is deserving and who isn’t. That is why many vets decide to use the help of a veteran’s disability lawyer. This is a type of lawyer who specializes in getting vets the claims that they deserve. They collect all the necessary documentation and then help their clients fill out all the necessary paperwork. These kinds of lawyers are gifted in one area – they know how to beat the red tape that comes with the military.

They have also taken the time to understand the system – they know which office to go to when they are looking for TBI compensation for their clients. They are also in touch with the best experts in diagnosing traumatic brain injury. These are professional who understand the physical, psychological and emotional injuries that can result from an injury to the brain.

If you are a vet and you had a head injury that you feel is affecting your life you should get yourself a veterans disability lawyer. They will walk you through the process to make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

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