TBI Reevaluation

The VA has recently announced that more than 24,000 veterans can qualify to get a reevaluation for traumatic brain injury (TBI) benefits. TBI has come to be known as the signature injury of the Iraq and Afghanistan war. Physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral effects can all come as a result of a TBI.

From 2007 to 2015, numerous veterans were denied VA disability benefits for TBI because the VA required a diagnosis from either a psychologist, psychiatrist, neurologist or neurosurgeon. If the exam was done by some other kind of medical professional, the VA would deny the claim.

The VA is now opening the door for vets who were denied to reapply. Officials from the VA claim they have created, “guidance documents that may have created confusion regarding the policy.”

VA Secretary Robert McDonald has come out in full support of this decision.

“Providing support for veterans suffering from a TBI is a priority and a privilege, and we must make certain they receive a just and fair rating for their disabilities.”

The VA will be contacting all veterans who qualify for a new exam. Any veteran who is awarded benefits this time will have their compensation backdated to the date of their original application.

If you’re one of the 24,000 who qualify for a redo, it might help to have a Parkersburg VA disability lawyer on your side. At Jan Dils Attorneys at Law, we’ve helped countless veterans get the TBI benefits they need to live a happy and productive life.

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