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VCCA for VA disability claim

What Happened to Records in 1973?

A lot of Veteran’s have been told their records were destroyed in a fire in St. Louis…

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IME for a VA disability claim

What is an IME for a VA Disability Claim?

While pursuing a claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs, you may hear the term “Independent Medical…

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Service Connect for Alcoholism

Can I Service Connect for Alcoholism Through the VA?

Are you able to get service-connected for Alcoholism? This may be a common thought or question that…

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Attorney Obtain your record

How Does an Attorney Obtain Your Records?

One of the first steps we take when we get a new client is to obtain all…

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Service Connect for Alzheimer's Disease

Can I Service Connect for Alzheimer’s Disease?

As you may have learned from our previous VA Disability Benefits blogs, a Veteran is eligible for…

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deadlines associated with the VA process

What are some Deadlines Associated with the VA Disability Process?

If I pursue a claim for Veterans Benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs, are there deadlines…

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VA Disability Claim

What Happens if I Owe the VA Money?

So, you owe the government money…specifically the Veterans Administration. Many times, people receive letters from the VA…

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Serve connect for hepatitis C

Can I Service Connect for Hepatitis C?

What is Hepatitis C? Hepatitis C is a form of viral hepatitis transmitted in infected blood, causing…

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Jess Post Bio

Jess Post Bio

Jess Post-Hacker is a Case Manager at Jan Dils Attorneys at Law. She is approaching her three…

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What is an SSOC in VA Disability?

So you feel like you have been waiting an eternity for a grant on your disability, and…

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