Can I Get a VA Disability Claim for GERD?

Are you a Veteran suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)? If so, you may be eligible for compensation through the VA’s disability benefits programs. The amount of compensation and access to the disability programs will depend on how severe your condition is.

GERD occurs when you have acid reflux regularly, and it may present itself as heartburn or pain in your upper chest or abdomen. This condition is very common for Veterans and could be a result of PTSD, anxiety, or depression. If GERD is getting in the way of your everyday life, you deserve to be compensated.

Is Your GERD a Disability?

GERD can range from being merely uncomfortable to debilitating, if your GERD is affecting your sleep, diet, and other activities, consider how it classifies against VA standards. If you want to apply for VA benefits, they are likely to categorize your GERD as a disability in the following way:

  • 60% disabled: Symptoms include pain, vomiting, weight loss, hematemesis, melena, or other combinations of symptoms that cause a severe impairment
  • 30% disabled: Reoccurring epigastric distress that includes dysphagia, pyrosis, regurgitation, and substernal/arm/shoulder pain
  • 10% disabled: Having two or more of the symptoms listed above with less severity

This disability rating will grant you VA benefits. It is important to note that if your GERD is a result of another condition you are already receiving VA benefits from, this can be considered a secondary disability.

How Do You Apply for VA Disability?

The first element for applying for VA disability benefits is to prove that being in the military caused or increased your GERD symptoms. You can establish this through service treatment records, which can demonstrate that your condition began during active duty, or your symptoms of GERD were noted. To concretely prove that it is directly linked to your service, you will need a medical nexus letter from a doctor.

If you want to apply for a claim for GERD as a primary disability, you will have to include a diagnosis of your condition with proof of medical records, test results, and typically testimonials from family, friends, and colleagues stating how GERD affected your everyday life. Applying for secondary disability claim means you will need to demonstrate how GERD is connected to your primary disability, and then it can be calculated into your primary disability’s percentage.

Talk to an Attorney About How GERD Affects Your VA Disability Claim

GERD not only affects your personal and work life, but the costs of treatment can be significant. With a VA disability claim, you could receive financial relief through tax-free compensation. We want to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Call today to find out if you qualify by scheduling a free consultation.

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