Do I Need a DBQ for My VA Claim?

Medical examinations can be stressful for anyone, regardless of history. Yet, for many Veterans who have chronic service-connected injuries or traumas, completing medical exams can be difficult. For this reason, many Veterans may choose to have their evaluations completed by the doctor they are most comfortable with, rather than the VA’s options.

If a Veteran elects to complete his or her medical evaluation through their physician, that doctor must complete a Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) during the evaluation. It is then submitted to the VA for use in the disability determination.

What are DBQs?

Considering all that goes into disability benefits application process, DBQs are relatively simple. These forms help physicians gather and record all critical elements of a Veteran’s condition.

The VA then uses DBQs to determine whether a Veteran qualifies for disability compensation. By completing one, physicians and the VA can ensure that all aspects of a disabled Veteran’s condition are fully addressed.

It should be noted that DBQs are most thorough when completed by healthcare providers, such as specialists who are familiar with the condition. They will be the best prepared to complete a thorough examination. Furthermore, the VA is more likely to accept the statements of a specialist since they can produce the most accurate assessment.

Important Facts About Your DBQ

Aside from understanding what a DBQ is, there are a few miscellaneous facts you should understand if you are preparing for a medical evaluation.

  • Only medical professionals should complete a DBQ. Often, Veterans have their physicians fill out these forms because they are familiar with the patient’s conditions and treatments.
  • Filing a DBQ with your disability claim does not guarantee approval for your requested benefits. A DBQ is part of the long list of evidence the VA reviews to determine whether you qualify for disability.
  • You may have to pay your doctor to complete a DBQ. Since neither the VA nor insurance companies compensate doctors for doing DBQs, you may be required to cover the cost on your own, depending on your doctor’s requests.
  • A DBQ is not available for every condition. Some need to be assessed in person by a VA professional. A listing of available DBQs can be found here.

Find Out Today if You Need a DBQ for Your VA Claim

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