Alternative Treatment Methods for Veterans

Earlier this month, we talked about the new studies surrounding a vitamin supplement’s effects on Gulf War Illness. This is just one of many alternative treatment options the VA is exploring to reduce the use—and sometimes resulting dangers—of prescription drugs to treat veterans’ pain, anxiety, traumatic injuries and other ailments.

According to The Washington Post, the VA has launched four pilot centers to test alternative treatments, including equine therapy, alpha stimulation, qigong, guided imagery, life coaching, yoga and Pilates, hypnosis, aqua therapy and even Botox. This is just part of the five-year, $21.7 million plan launched earlier this year by the National Institutes of Health and the VA, which will eventually consist of 13 separate projects.

The ultimate goal is to reduce veterans’ dependence on prescription drugs, including opiate painkillers that may produce debilitating side effects.  These solutions will hopefully alleviate veterans’ ailments while helping them maintain as high level of function and healing as possible.

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