Filing Supplemental VA Claims After a Decision is Rendered

The VA disability claims process is a critical part of a Veteran’s reintegration to society. You can file a supplemental claim to help get the result you want, but what happens when a decision has already been rendered? In many cases, you can still file a supplemental claim after the VA has already made a decision. Our respected Veterans benefits attorneys represent people nationwide and can help you navigate this complicated process.

What is the Purpose of a Supplemental Claim?

A Veteran is allowed to file a supplemental claim that reevaluates their condition, establishes a service connection for a disability, or asks that a denied claim be reconsidered. In addition, you must either possess new and relevant evidence for the claim, or show there has been a change in the law applicable to the case.

The Process of Filing a Supplemental VA Claim

In the event the VA has decided to deny your claim for benefits, or if there is new evidence that you believe can support your claim, you have the option to file a supplemental claim to reopen your case. If you wish to do this, you will need to submit VA Form 20-0995, “Decision Review Request: Supplemental Claim,” along with the new evidence that you believe will strengthen your case.

If the VA accepted your claim, you could also have your case re-reviewed, potentially resulting in a higher disability rating and additional benefits. This will require you to submit again for a rating increase, rather than filing a Supplemental Claim.

Lastly, a Veteran can also file a supplemental claim after his or her appeal has been denied. However, it is important to emphasize that this claim must include new and relevant information that was not included previously.

Talk to an Attorney About Filing a Supplemental Claim After the VA Has Made a Decision

When you file a supplemental claim in your pursuit of benefits, the VA will review the new evidence you have provided and make a final decision on your eligibility. Hopefully, with this new information included, your application will be approved.

Understanding how to file a supplemental VA claim is essential to ensuring you receive fair consideration for your claim. Even after a decision has been made, you may be able to get the Agency to approve if your evidence is compelling enough. If you have questions or need assistance in navigating this process, reach out to Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law for guidance and support. Our consultations are free.

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