Will Hiring an Attorney Slow Down my VA Claim?

I had a gentleman tell me the other day that he never hired an attorney to help him with his VA claim for fear it would slow it down.  He also said that a friend had even told him if he hired an attorney, the VA would make him start his claim over from the VA claim attorneybeginning.  I quickly told him these were simply not true.  We then discussed how an attorney, like Jan Dils who specializes in VA disability claims, could really help with his claim.

I explained that at our firm, we request every Veteran client’s Claims file (C-file).   Once we receive your C-file, our dedicated C-file team reviews your file for evidence to back up the claims you may have already filed.  They also review for additional claims we can file on your behalf.  Another benefit is each client is assigned a Case Manager to personally assist you with the processing of your paperwork, corresponding with the VA on your behalf, and making sure your evidence gets submitted in a timely manner.

Another benefit to hiring a law firm like ours is getting confirmations that the VA has received evidence, appeals, and any other correspondence. We do this to safeguard our clients against items getting “lost” when sent to the VA. If we know they received it, then we can argue effective dates if necessary.

We may not be able to speed up the processing of your claim, but we definitely make sure it does not get delayed.

Don’t let any more time waste away.  Call the office of Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law today at 1-877-526-3457 and let us help you with your claim.

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