When Surgery or Treatment Improves Your Disabling Condition

Medical technology and treatment options are advancing every day, so many individuals—including veterans—who have lived with pain and discomfort for too long are experiencing freedom and the chance to rediscover a new, more comfortable normal.

If your doctor recommends a surgery or new treatment option to alleviate the symptoms of your disabling condition, this may affect your eligibility for veterans’ disability benefits. Unless the VA has previously named your condition permanent, they have the right to revisit your case and re-evaluate your disability rating at any time, especially if decision-makers obtain information that indicates your condition may have improved.

Ultimately your quality of life is the most important factor in this scenario. If your doctor recommends a procedure that could improve your condition, we believe you shouldn’t allow the possibility of a lower disability rating to dissuade you from increased comfort. But if your condition does improve, the VA will evaluate you based on the parameters for your particular condition(s) and then determine any changes in your compensation based on the percentage you’ve improved.

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