What Is the Process Like After I File My VA Disability Claim

What Happens After I File My VA Disability Claim?

You’ve filed your claim to receive Veterans disability benefits – now what? How long will it take to get a decision? What should you do in the meantime?

On average, it takes a little over three months for the Veterans Administration to make a decision. Of course this can vary, and it may take more or less time for any particular case. The length of time it takes depends on the type of claim you’ve filed, how many injuries or conditions you’ve claimed, the complexity of your conditions, and the length of time it takes to gather the necessary evidence.

You may be wondering what you should do during this time. The reality is, once you’ve filed there is nothing you need to do besides provide evidence when requested. Waiting can be frustrating, but know that the VA is taking the necessary steps to render a decision.

Steps For Veterans Disability Claim

The first step the VA takes is the initial review. A Veterans service representative will review your claim, and the process will continue on if no additional information is needed. Next comes the evidence-gathering stage. The VA will ask for evidence from you, your healthcare providers, governmental agencies, and others who may be able to provide additional information. Next, the VA will review all evidence and make a decision.

If you’re considering hiring a Veterans disability attorney, one of the benefits of doing so is they will be able to keep you updated throughout this process. They can also help you determine what evidence to submit and assist you with gathering it from your medical practitioners.

At that point, the VA will notify you of the decision. If your claim has been denied, the decision can be appealed.

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