What is a Rating of Disability?

If you’ve been approved for VA Disability, you will receive a “Rating of Disability.” This will be a percentage between 0 and 100, and will be an increment of 10. A rating of zero percent means the VA has determined that your injury or illness is service-related, Rating of Disabilitybut it may not be severe enough to qualify for monetary compensation. However, a zero percent rating also means that if your disability worsens, you may be eligible at a later date to receive compensation. Even if you have a zero percent rating, you can receive medical treatment at any VA medical facility for that disability.

If you have multiple disabilities, each disability will be rated separately. However, your benefit amount will be based upon the combined result of all your disabilities. This combined result is calculated by adding a portion of additional disability percentages to the rating of your most serious disability. However, VA math is not “normal” math, and a 20% disability plus a 30% disability will not equal a 50% disability. Instead, it will be adjusted as a portion. Your notice of eligibility will include your total disability rating, which will always be rounded off to the nearest ten percent (10%, 20%, 30%, etc.).

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