The Violence Screening and Assessment of Needs

The number of violent incidents involving veterans has escalated in recent years. But experts have created a resource called the Violence Screening and Assessment of Needs, which will give healthcare professionals a more conclusive measure to help them identify signs of risk for violence in veterans.

The questionnaire asks veterans to detail their history with combat, their financial situation, any issues with substance/drug abuse, past violence and criminal activity and also covers signs of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The experts who developed the questionnaire link violence most frequently with the latter issue, explaining that veterans who suffer from PTSD often do not address underlying psychological problems and anger issues before they escalate to violent rampages.

Of course, cases of violence are multilayered, based on a combination of causes. This tool is comprehensive, examining various elements in a veteran’s past that could put him or her at risk for violent behavior and rating these factors on a scale of 0 to 5 (lowest to highest risk).

It is the hope that the Violence Screening and Assessment of Needs will translate to earlier intervention so veterans can get the assistance they need to cope with their experiences and prevent violent outbursts from occurring.

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