Vets Die While Waiting for VA Health Care

Vets die while waiting for VA health care

Patience is a virtue; this is what everyone’s mom said growing up. Waiting isn’t fun and no one enjoys doing it. Most of the time, waiting can improve character and help us appreciate things more, but sometimes waiting can be deadly.

According to CNN, a report filed by the VA inspector general shows an estimated 307,000 veterans may have died while waiting to receive treatment from the Veterans Association. This report discovered some terrifying facts about the way in which vets are processed in the VA health care system. Mislabeling of files was found to be a rampant problem inside the VA; some files have been mislabeled “pending” for 14 years. In total, the inspector found that more than 10,000 files have been mislabeled in the past five years. Mislabeling may sound benign, but when it’s done on such a large scale it causes gridlock in the system.

Glitches and system inconsistencies were also among the problems found in the report. Unfortunately, not all the problems can be blamed on negligence, some are due to malicious behavior. It was exposed that a few VA employees were hiding applications in their desks to avoid processing them.

With all these errors, both innocent and intentional, it seems impossible to receive the full measure of benefits supposedly promised to veterans. Thankfully, there are lawyers who specialize in navigating the complex infrastructure of the VA system. Attorney Jan Dils has over 20 years experience dealing with the VA. She knows the ins and outs and can help you get the VA benefits you need before it’s too late.

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