How Veterans Can Service Connect for Headaches

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Since 2011, headaches have been one of the most popular topics covered in this blog. Many readers may be surprised to realize just how many Vets struggle with headaches.


Men and women who served in recent conflicts may have headaches as a result of Traumatic Brain Injuries. Veterans who served in Iraq, both recently and in Desert Storm, may have VA disability headaches as a result of Gulf War Illness.


In fact, Vets who served in any major conflict seem more likely to struggle with VA disability headaches, which would explain the increased interest in this subject. Another reason that the subject of headaches results in so many page views is that many Vets struggle to get headaches service-connected.


Firms like Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, have seen many Vets who have had difficulty getting this condition service-connected. But why is it that so many Vets struggle to get such a common issue service-connected?


Keep in mind that most Veterans have difficulty getting most VA disability claim for headaches and VA disability claim for migraines service-connected because it’s simply the nature of VA. However, the situation with VA disability for headachesheadaches is a little more unique.


Outside of a concussion or other Traumatic Brain Injury, it’s not completely clear when a person has issues with headaches.


Further, when a Vet goes to a required Compensation and Pension Exam at the VA, they may not know how to properly convey their symptoms to the examiner.


This may be because, when many Vets go to a C&P Exam, they don’t have a headache. Most VA disability for headaches occurs randomly.


The situation may seem dire for Veterans with headaches, but there are a few things Vets can do to get service-connected for their condition. Documenting VA disability for headaches is paramount. Simply keeping a log of headaches can make a huge difference.


Logging headaches and VA migraine disability are simple: just write down every instance in which a headache or a migraine occurs. Documenting the symptoms of a headache or a migraine is also very beneficial.


Describe the symptoms, note how long the headaches last, explain what has to be done to relieve the pain, and document how a VA migraine disability or a headache interrupts life.


In addition to documenting VA  disability for headaches and VA migraine disability, a Veteran should also seek treatment. If one’s doctor prescribes medication, be sure to get evidence to submit that to the VA.


It’s also important to get records if a Vet is prescribed alternative treatments like Botox. Those records should be sent to the VA as evidence, too.


Finally, if a Veteran struggles with headaches or VA migraine disability, they can also use statements in support of a claim to help establish service-connection. This can be obtained from Vets who served with the claimant, or family members who witnessed the claimant change over time. The statements should explain how the Veteran’s life is interrupted by their condition.


Veterans who would like to know more about this subject should call Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law for more information or a free consultation about VA disability claim for migraines. Simply call 1-877-526-3457, or fill out this form so that a representative can call at a better time.

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