VA Benefits for Gulf War Syndrome

The gulf war only lasted less than two years, but the effects lasted much longer. Many veterans who fought in this war eventually became diagnosed with a mysterious disease that would become known as Gulf War Syndrome.

This condition had many symptoms and presented itself in many different ways. Fatigue, muscle pain, cognitive problems, rashes, and diarrhea are all among the chronic acute symptoms. Close to 250,000 Gulf War veterans have reported having Gulf War Syndrome. Due to the overwhelming number of cases the VA now recognizes Gulf War Syndrome as a disability that is eligible for disability compensation. There are several options for VA benefits for Gulf War Syndrome.

VA Benefits for Gulf War Syndrome

  • There is a free health exam the VA offers that screens for any long-term health issues that have been linked to service during the Gulf War. This health exam is open to veterans, regardless if they are not enrolled in VA healthcare.
  • The VA created an online registry that helps document health problems associated with airborne hazards and open burn pits. Veterans simply complete an online questionnaire about their exposure, they do not need to be enrolled in VA healthcare to participate.
  • Full healthcare benefits are also available to Gulf War veterans with Gulf War Syndrome.
  • Disability compensation is available for veterans diagnosed with Gulf War Syndrome, as well as other illnesses and disabilities associated with military service in the Southwest Asia theater of military operations.


Gulf War Syndrome is a vicious disease that can be incredibly frustrating to deal with. The still ambiguous cause and undefined treatment make matters even worse. VA benefits for Gulf War Syndrome help to ease the pain, but sadly these benefits are just as hard to get as other VA benefits. Jan Dils Attorneys at Law is ready to help veterans who are in need of compensation due to Gulf War Syndrome.


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