PTSD: Signs, Effects and Symptoms to Veterans  

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is an emotional reaction to stress that lasts for more than three months and actively disrupts the life of the person suffering with the disorder. Having a reaction to a stressful or traumatic event in your life is normal. However, when it lasts for a long time and changes the way you live your life and function with others, there is a problem.

Common Symptoms – Signs – Effects of Post-Traumatic Stress

While this disorder is suffered by each person in a different way, there are four common signs or symptoms that are associated with post-traumatic stress. These symptoms include:

• Reliving the Event. This is very common where the person who suffered the traumatic event continues to relive it, feeling all of the fear and anxiety that went with the event as if it was taking place again. This may come while awake, in the form of nightmares, or may be triggered by a noise, smell or person.
• Avoiding Similar Situations. People suffering with this disorder often avoid things that are similar to the traumatic event. Many people will also avoid crowds because groups of people no longer feel safe.
• Change In Beliefs That Are Negative. Views on everything from family and friends to work and people you do not know all become very negative. May stop relationships or prevent new ones from forming.
• Hyper-alertness. Always feeling like they must be on the “look out” for danger. Feels the need to always have their back against the wall when in public areas to make sure they can always access the situation.

These are not the only symptoms experienced by those suffering from PTSD. However, if you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, you are encouraged to speak with someone who can help.

Veterans Are Entitled To Help

Military members are the leading group of people who are affected by post-traumatic stress. The military acknowledges this fact and has established help and compensation for those who are suffering from this disorder. If you believe that you or a loved one is suffering from post-traumatic stress, you are encouraged to speak with a West Virginia veterans disability lawyer about your rights to seek compensation and benefits for this type of condition.

A West Virginia veterans disability lawyer can help you through the entire application process, and appeals process if necessary. These attorneys understand the system for applying for benefits and can help those struggling with this disorder from start to finish of their application.

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