Paralyzed Veterans in West Virginia

As our military return home from fighting to protect our freedom, many find themselves returning with disabling physical injuries.  Some Veterans are even paralyzed for life.

Our Veterans should be our first priority when it comes to their receiving the benefits they deserve; however, in too many instances, our Veterans find themselves to be seemingly lost in the process.  Filling out all the forms for Veterans benefits, obtaining all the required documentation, and attaching the necessary information to the forms can seem endless.  Fight4Vets attorneys in West Virginia have an extensive and thorough knowledge in this area and will gladly work with you to ensure that you submit a complete application for the benefits available to you in a timely manner.

Employment for Our Paralyzed and Disabled Veterans in WV

In August of this year, 2013, the Labor Department established new laws aimed at improving employment opportunities for our Veterans and others who have suffered disabling injuries such as paralysis.  These new laws require both Federal contractors and subcontractors to actively recruit and hire disabled Veterans, and other people with disabilities, in addition to training and promoting them according to their qualifications.  Other laws are requiring that as much as seven percent of the employees hired by Federal contractors and subcontractors must be disabled.  This can benefit many of our Veterans in becoming the independent and self-sufficient men and women they desire to be.  Fight4Vets has a strong and respected reputation for fighting for our Veterans’ rights in West Virginia.

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