New Study Reveals Statistics About Users of VA Services

In a new study from the National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics (NCVAS), the organization gathered a variety of facts from the fiscal years 2005-2012, surveying veterans who have used at least one out of 22 benefits.

Their interests were primarily regarding the group of veterans who used VA services compared to those who did not. They studied how many were “users” and how many were “non-users” along with demographic and socioeconomic information about both groups; which programs veterans utilized most frequently; how many received disability compensation and/or VA healthcare; how many disabled veterans did not use VA healthcare and the trends therein.

The key findings of the study for the fiscal years 2005-2012 were as follows:

· 8.8 million (40%) out of 22.3 million veterans utilized one or more VA benefits or services in 2012, a 4% increase from the year 2005.

· Of the number of veterans using the VA’s benefits and services, 39% used multiple benefits, which is a 9% increase from 2005 statistics.

· The number of female veterans utilizing VA benefits is up 27% from fiscal year 2005.

· Healthcare and Disability Compensation represented 77% of VA use in 2012, a 68% increase.

· 48% of all who used VA services solely utilized VA Healthcare in 2012.

· In 2012, the number of veterans enrolled in disability benefits programs using VA healthcare was 67%, an 8-point increase from the 2005 statistics.

· The median age of male veterans using VA services is 64, while the median age of veterans who are not using VA services is 53.

· Females, on the other hand, averaged a median age of 45, whether they use VA services or not.

· Those who use VA services typically have a lower household income than those who are “non-users”.

These figures and the trends they reveal will hopefully allow the VA to make informed decisions as they project ways to better serve the veteran community and reach those who are not currently using VA services in efficient, productive ways.

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