New Bill Creates ID Cards for Veterans

This summer, a bill was passed allowing official ID cards for veterans issued by the VA. Veterans who receive VA healthcare and other benefits already have ID cards, and the new cards will be in addition to those.

They also cannot serve as proof of identity when applying for federal programs and benefits, but congressional proponents of the bill hope it will make the process of proving veteran status a little easier and also help prevent identity theft. Current policy has some veterans carrying a document to prove their identity – a document that contains plenty of sensitive information that could be costly to a veteran were it misplaced.

Representative Dan Benishek, Chairman of the Veterans Subcommittee on Health, calls the bill a solution, believing it will help make applying for jobs as well as other benefits easier and less time-consuming for veterans.

The timetable for the new identification cards is yet to be determined, as is the minimal fee veterans will have to pay to receive one, the proceeds of which will keep the program sustainable.

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