How Does the VA Determine a 10% Rating for PTSD?

I spoke to a client the other day who was asking about PTSD. He is currently 0% and wants an increase. I let him know there are certain criteria you have to meet in order to be granted at a higher percentage. As with any increase we file, there has to be enough evidence to warrant an increase.


PTSD is a disability that the VA can rate between0-100 percent, depending upon your symptoms. For a Veteran who is connected at 10% for PTSD through the VA, he/she will likely have the following symptoms: Occupational and social impairment due to mild or transient symptoms which decrease work efficiency and ability to perform occupational tasks only during periods of significant stress, or; symptoms controlled by continuous medication.

This particular client also had a GAF score was between 81-90. A GAF score in this range is likely to indicate the following: Absent or minimal symptoms ( e.g., mild anxiety before an exam ), good functioning in all areas, interested and involved in a wide range of activities, socially effective, generally satisfied with life, no more than everyday problems or concerns (e.g., an occasional argument with family members )

This particular client met these criteria, and, after reviewing his records, we would likely file for an increase. Evidence is one of the most important things we need when filing for an increase on an existing claim. Evidence must be presented to warrant an increase. The Veteran usually states that his condition has worsened and the VA schedules an exam. Other evidence also may be considered.  Our reviewers are specially trained to recognize this evidence.

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