Helpful VA Disability Terminology

If you are a Veteran, and have VA Disability Claim pending, chances are you have been confused by some of the jargon used on your case. This blog post will serve as a small glossary of terms as well as an acronym guide.


RO: Regional OfficeVA disability terminology

SOC: Statement of the Case

RD: Ratings Decision

SSOC: Supplemental Statement of the Case

BVA: Board of Veterans Appeals

CAVC: Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

NOD: Notice of Disagreement

DRO: Decision Review Officer

VCAA: Veterans Claim Assistance Act

C&P: Compensation and Pension

DOS: Dates of Service

IME: Independent Medical Examination

FOIA: Freedom of Information Act

DOD: Date of Death


These are just a few of the many abbreviations used in the legal process for VA Disability. Remembering all of these terms can be overwhelming at times, and that is just one of the many reasons so many Veterans turn to the legal experts at Jan Dils Attorneys as Law. For a free phone consultation, call us: 1-877-526-3457, or tell us about your claim now.

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