File a PTSD Claim with Help of a Reliable Veterans Disability Attorney

Physical injuries like vision or hearing impairment are what some soldiers sustain while in combat zones. However, there are some injuries that go beyond the surface, like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), characterized by depression, detachment, numbness, and others. This is the case of military serviceman Ron Capps, whom Public Radio International (PRI) producers Nina Porzucki and Shirin Jaafari featured in a recent piece.

“He started showing signs of post-traumatic stress while stationed in Rwanda, but it was during his tour of duty in Afghanistan that he knew he needed help.
“Not long after I got there I was having a lot of intrusive thoughts, both day and night, real trouble sleeping and once I realized what was going on I had a kind of decision to make about whether I would get treatment,” Capps said.”

Aside from psychiatric counselling, Capps also managed his PTSD through writing, even launching the Veterans Writing Project to help his fellow vets. However, while Capps ably handled his condition, there are some veterans who may not be able to accomplish the same thing so easily. Such a situation becomes even more difficult when they have dependents to look after.

Fortunately, an experienced veterans disability attorney can help these vets file a PTSD claim so they can receive the appropriate benefits. Applying for a PTSD claim can be done online by downloading the necessary VA Form 21-526 off the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website. Following the submission of the said form, veterans will be asked to see a psychiatrist at their local Veterans Affairs office for diagnosis.

The visit to the VA-authorized psychiatrist is to determine the PTSD rating or the percentage of disability. If the PSTD symptoms are frequent and have a huge impact on how the veteran functions in a normal setting, the rating can be as high as 100 percent. All in all, filing for PTSD claims seems like a cut and dry process, but it often turns out to be a long, gruelling process for some. That’s why some veterans could really use the skills of a knowledgeable disability benefits attorney for handling PTSD claims.

Military servicemen and women, especially those assigned to combat duty, bear one of the most difficult jobs in existence. At times, these heroes succumb to the stress that comes with being on active duty. Fortunately, skilled lawyers like ones from Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, can help these vets file PSTD claims so they can be entitled to the benefits they rightfully deserve.

(Source: Post traumatic stress can be hard to understand — for those going through it and those trying to treat them,, April 7, 2014)

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