Group Releases New Study on Options for Female Veterans

New information from Disabled American Veterans concludes that veterans who are women (now an unprecedented 10.3% of all veterans) experience different challenges with acclimation to civilian life despite the fact that the rates of female representation in the service continue to rise. Their findings point to the limited options available for female veterans as a contributing factor to this difficulty.

In their report, Disabled American Veterans found that females who are veterans had higher unemployment statistics that veterans who were male and women who had never served in the military. Female veterans were also more likely to be homeless that women who had never served.

Finally, the study showed that fewer treatment options were available for female veterans, even when it comes to basic healthcare needs. Startlingly, only two-thirds of VA healthcare facilities staff a gynecologist, for example. And the estimated 20% of women enrolled in the VA healthcare program who have experienced some form of sexual trauma have limited treatment options due to an overwhelming shortage of VA staff members trained to deal with this growing problem adequately.

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