Why You Should Consider a Decision Review Officer

Earlier this week, we talked about Notices of Disagreement (NOD), the first step in the appeals process after receiving an unfavorable VA Decision Rating. After this step, there are two options: going straight to the Board of Veterans Appeals or first having your case evaluated by a Decision Review Officer (DRO).

While many consider the Decision Review Officer an unnecessary extra step, there are some benefits that often go overlooked.

What is a Decision Review Officer?

He or she is an employee of the VA with years of experience working with veterans’ claims. Decision Review Officers examine the details of your case from a blank slate perspective, unbiased by the VA’s initial decision, and have the authority to grant benefits based on their own findings.

This process is typically quicker than waiting for your case to be reviewed by the Board of Veterans Appeals and often proves successful. But the good news is, if the DRO’s determination does not deem you eligible for benefits, you can still take your appeal to the Board of Veterans Appeals.

An experienced West Virginia Veterans’ Disability Lawyer can help you navigate your claim with confidence – from the initial claim to the appeals process and beyond.

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