Concerned Veterans for America Proposes Veterans Healthcare Reforms

According to an article in USA Today, lawmakers attended a summit discussing major reforms that would impact the healthcare veterans receive, especially the 8.5 million currently enrolled in the VA healthcare program.

The study was conducted by the bipartisan task force Concerned Veterans for America, whose officials proposed a number of suggestions they believe would move things in the right direction. Their ultimate goal is to “give veterans control over their own healthcare, improve the sustainability of (VA) facilities for the long haul and break the government cycle of reform and failure.”

For one, they propose the shift in the focus of healthcare to veterans with disabling service-connected conditions, giving current patients new options. But they believe every veteran should be able to choose between their local VA healthcare facility or subsidized care through private providers paid at least in part by the government on a case-by-case basis.

They also believe that, in the future, veterans who wish to enroll in the VA healthcare program should be evaluated and placed in different tiers with different levels of coverage accordingly. But in this equation, not all veterans would be eligible for benefits.

Concerned Veterans for America also believe the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) should be divided and partially transitioned to a nonprofit organization instead of an entity controlled by the government, offering healthcare in competition with private providers. The other half of the VHA would be in charge of financial and insurance considerations for veterans not using VA medical care.

Finally, the reform called for the evaluation of VA medical facilities’ efficiency and statistics, strategically closing ones that are not performing up to par.

Lawmakers who attended the summit were divided on the reform suggestions. While some of the proposed changes would radically change things—particularly for future veterans—hopefully lawmakers can agree on changes that would fit the task force’s general intention to improve healthcare for veterans and create a more sustainable system.

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