New Legislation Supports Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans

Earlier this year, two bills were proposed in Congress, HR 969 (The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act) and S-681, the bill’s Senate companion. If passed, this would help Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans receive service-connected disability benefits related to their exposure to Agent Orange and other harmful chemicals they came in contact with during their service.

The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act proposes that those who served in Vietnam’s “territorial seas” be included in the presumption of service-connection if they suffer due to the effects of these harmful herbicides. The bill’s Senate companion, S-681, intends to further define terms for the service-connection presumption of Blue Water Navy Veterans.

This bill has garnered bi-partisan support, its proponents not only calling for the equal rights of the Navy with other Vietnam Veterans, but pointing out that this legislation would also cut the significant backlog of VA claims related to Agent Orange.

You can help generate support for this bill by contacting your local representatives and senators and encouraging others to do the same. Increasing awareness will give this bill its best chance to for success among the committee.

If you suffer from the effects of Agent Orange or another service-connected disability, having an experienced West Virginia Veterans Disability Attorney on your side can help you obtain the veterans’ disability benefits you deserve.

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