VA Disability Increases for 2024

The VA (Department of Veterans Affairs) disability checks compensate Veterans injured during or due to their service. These checks are provided as monthly payments that vary depending on the severity of the disability you face. Disability ratings are given in increments of 10%, so a rating of 10% indicates the lowest disability level while 100%  is the maximum allowable rating. The payments also vary when spouses and dependents/children are taken into consideration.

In order to keep up with rising prices, every year the VA determines how much the benefits will increase. Read on to learn about the 2024 Veterans disability payment increases.

VA Disability Benefits for 2024

For January 2024, the VA disability rates saw an increase of 3.2%, due to the Social Security Administration’s cost of living adjustment (COLA). This increase provides a raise in monthly payments for eligible Veterans.

The payment increase varies depending on other individual circumstances, such as the number of dependents a Veteran has and the severity of his or her disability. For example, a Veteran rated 100% with no dependents receiving $3,621.95 in 2023 will begin receiving $3,737.85 in 2024 due to the 3.2% COLA increase. That is an increase of $115.90 monthly.

The following chart demonstrates what single Veterans, or those with one or two dependents, can expect to receive monthly in 2024, depending on his or her disability rating:

How to Increase Your VA Rating

Have you experienced new or worsened disabilities since you originally got your VA rating? You can request an increase in your VA rating by submitting a new claim online at, along with medical records for each condition you are claiming. It is important to compile medical records that showcase your new disability or worsened symptoms are connected to your service. Our Veterans disability attorneys can assist you with this new application.

Take Advantage of the 2024 Benefits Increase in VA Payments

The 2024 benefits increase will help many Veterans with groceries and other daily necessities. Call the experienced Veterans disability team at Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law today to learn how you can apply for these payments due to a service-connected disability. You served your country, now let us serve you. Your consultation will be free and we serve Veterans from across the nation.

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