Presumptive Diagnosis Within One Year of Military Discharge

When it comes to obtaining disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), it is important to understand the concept of presumptive service-connected conditions. Presumptive diagnoses can simplify the claims process for veterans, particularly for conditions that manifest within one year of discharge. Learn more about the concept of presumptive diagnoses and their importance for servicemembers seeking Veterans Disability benefits shortly after leaving the military.

What Are Presumptive Diagnoses?

Presumptive service-connected conditions refer to specific medical conditions the VA has determined to be connected to military service. These conditions are presumed to have been caused by or attributed to the veteran’s time in the military, even if there is no direct evidence linking them. If you have a presumptive diagnosis, it can make the disability claims process so much simpler by removing the burden of having to prove a direct service connection.

Examples of Presumptive Diagnoses Within One Year of Discharge:

The list of presumptive diagnoses within one year of discharge includes various medical conditions that veterans may develop shortly after leaving the military. Some of these conditions include the following.


Veterans who develop specific cancers such as Hodgkin’s disease, multiple myeloma, or lung cancer within one year of discharge may qualify for presumptive service connection.

Chronic Diseases

Chronic tropical diseases, such as malaria, or chronic diseases associated with exposure to specific environmental hazards, like tuberculosis, can be considered presumptive diagnoses.

Mental Health Conditions

Mental health disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can often develop shortly after leaving military service. This may also be eligible as a presumptive service connection.

Benefits of Presumptive Diagnoses

The primary benefit of having a presumptive diagnosis is that it will streamline your Veterans Disability claim application. By designating certain conditions as presumptive, the VA acknowledges the high likelihood of service connection, reducing the burden of proof for veterans who are trying to get some help. Even less than a year after discharge, these conditions might require immediate action. This cuts out some of the red tape that can slow down the approval.

Talk to Our Team About Presumptive Diagnosis Within a Year of Your Discharge

Presumptive diagnoses are essential to the VA’s disability benefits program. By recognizing certain medical conditions as presumptively service-connected, the VA facilitates the claims process for veterans, particularly those with disabilities, shortly after leaving active service. When you believe you have a presumptive diagnosis and have recently returned to civilian life, it is essential to consult with Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law to understand your eligibility and initiate your claim application.

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