Approved Claims with Help from Skilled Veterans Disability Attorney

Soldiers and other military personnel doing their job in a warzone face untold dangers. If men and women are expected to confront death and injury while fighting the country’s wars, they should be assured at the very least that they would be taken care of when they return home. Necessary veterans health benefits, including disability compensation, should be processed efficiently, and their due benefits disbursed without delay.

The processing of benefit claims, however, had been going rather slow at the Department of Veterans Affairs. The War on Terror has increased the amount of returning soldiers in recent years, which caused a surge in benefit claims. The Veterans Affairs pleads that its offices are shorthanded, but the shortcomings have only called more attention to the department. Ryan McDermott raises the issue in his recent article for Fierce Government:

“The VA needs to significantly decrease the number of days it takes to process disability claims for servicemembers prior to their discharge from the military, VA Assistant Inspector Linda Halliday told a House panel May 29.

The VA averages 249 days to process claims through the Quick Start Program, which allows a servicemember to submit a claim for disability compensation up to 180 days before they’re discharged from active duty………

The system tracked the claim from the time the servicemember was discharged, rather than tracking it from when the servicemember put in the actual claim.”

Returning soldiers seeking VA disability benefits need to provide documentation of their service and medical condition. Even with timely submission of claims, long delays still occur and have caused problems, especially for veterans who are suffering from physical and mental injuries, such as PTSD and traumatic brain injuries.

A skilled veterans disability attorney, such as an experienced lawyer from Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, can advise you on your claims and help you deal with the VA. Though they may not be able to speed up the processing time, they can help you navigate through the labyrinthine rules and process of claiming your just compensation.

An attorney’s assistance can take the stress out of not quite knowing what to do next. He or she can act as your advocate and will help you avoid mistakes that could cause unnecessary delays. Should your original claim be rejected, your attorney can also help you with the appeals process. Your veterans disability lawyer can make things a lot easier for you and his or her expert advice can give your claim better chances of approval.

(Source: VA under fire for slow claims processing, Fierce Government, June, 2, 2014)

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