Amongst uncertainty in the VA, where should Veterans turn for help?

I honestly love watching The Daily Show with John Stewart. I have watched it since I was a young kid and can’t sleep now without my daily dose of political satire. I have to admit that it’s odd to hear The Daily Show discuss something I work with every day on their program. Over the past several months John Stewart and crew have looked into the issues facing the VA in an honest and humorous way. While I enjoy watching Stewart make jokes about what I do, this really means the problems are actually quite worse than we may realize. The problem is that if programs like The Daily Show are covering the VA backlog, then it is a mainstream issue, and thus pretty bad. So, you have to ask, who is looking out for you?

Some may say that I am a chronic pessimist, but I have been working with VA Disability claims for more than three years now. I have watched this problem get steadily worse over the past 36 months. I honestly don’t see an end in sight. VA disability was a mess already, but in recent months things have become far worse. The backlog is still an issue, and there are even reports surfacing that some information about the reduction is not true. Further, unless you have taken residence under a rock, you know that the VA healthcare system is a mess. What is a Veteran to do?

It’s always good to have help. Though I work for a law firm and have 3 years’ experience working with VA Disability Compensation, I personally would not feel comfortable filing a claim on my own. The disability process is so complex and frustrating that I would not be able to keep up with the paperwork alone. Further, the process as a whole is convoluted. If you look at the VA timeline you will see that the steps don’t make sense. For instance, when you are denied the first time you file a Notice of Disagreement. When you are denied the second time you file VA form 9. Now, these two things are very different, but one would think that they are the same because they are both appeals. Having an attorney, like the ones at Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, can help guide you through the VA process. We are also able to find mistakes that may be made by the VA through our comprehensive review process.

It’s a shame our nations veterans have to go through so much to get the VA Disability benefits they deserve. We are happy to speak to any Veteran about their case and offer a free case evaluation. Call us toll-free at 1-877-526-3457. You can also fill out this form so that we may call you.

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