Aid and Attendance Benefits

Navigating through the maze of veterans benefits can confuse just about anyone. Knowing which benefit is right for your disability and how to apply for that benefit is an intimidating task. Sadly, because of this confusion many veterans overlook benefits they qualify for. One of the most commonly overlooked benefits is known as the aid and attendance or housebound benefits.

Both of these benefits are intended to help veterans and their surviving spouses who require extra attention for their medical conditions. These benefits are paid on top of monthly pension benefits, so you have to be eligible for pension benefits to qualify for aid and attendance or housebound benefits. Each benefit is meant to take care of slightly different needs, and you’re not allowed to receive both at the same time.

Aid and Attendance Benefits

The goal of aid and attendance benefits is to help veterans who need help completing basic living tasks. These tasks include: bathing, feeding, dressing, attending to the wants of nature, adjusting prosthetic devices, or protecting yourself from the hazards of your daily environment.

Veterans who are mentally or physically impaired and require the care of a nursing home may also be covered by aid and attendance.

Housebound Benefits

The scope of housebound benefits is a little less broad than aid and attendance benefits, but it’s just as important. Housebound benefits help veterans who are predominantly confined to their home due to a permanent disability.


Aid and attendance benefits and housebound benefits are both vitally important for veterans who need daily help. If you think you might qualify for either of these benefits or if you know someone who might, please take the time to apply and spread the word about these benefits. Jan Dils Attorneys at Law is a great resource for veterans applying for VA disability benefits or appealing denials.

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