As a veteran, you deserve to receive benefits for your service-related disability. Unfortunately, denied disability claims impact more people than you might think. These denials are frustrating, but there are still options for pursuing the resources you need by working with skilled attorney on your appeal.

You have the right to appeal the decision of the VA, whether your claim was denied or the amount you received is unreasonable. While the prospect of challenging the outcome might seem stressful at first, a Huntington veterans disability appeals lawyer could provide you the support you deserve.

Why are VA Claims Denied?

There are countless reasons why the VA might deny a disability claim. Some of these reasons are based on minor errors in the application, while others involve more serious issues. Some denials are even made in error. A Huntington veterans disability appeals attorney could help in any of these situations.

Missed Deadlines

One of the most common reasons for a denied claim is a missed deadline. This might seem confusing at first, given that there is no deadline for filing a claim, but these benefits are only available for a current disability. If a veteran applies after their condition has resolved itself, they will not be entitled to benefits.

Lack of Documentation

Another common issue involves the lack of supporting documentation. Often, a claim is denied because the VA is unable to verify the disability. In these situations, a local attorney could help submit additional evidence that could result in a favorable outcome.

Other Common Issues

Some of the other common issues that might arise include:

  • VA error
  • Lack of a formal diagnosis
  • Failed to attempt C&P exam
  • Use of the wrong form
  • Condition is not service-connected

Options for Appealing a VA Decision

Any time a veteran receives a denial for their disability claim, they have options for appealing the decision. In fact, under modern appeal rules, a veteran could have the choice of pursuing various appellate options. These include seeking a higher-level review, asking for a direct appeal to the Board of Veterans’ Affairs, or filing a supplemental claim.

Supplemental Claims

As the name suggests, filing a supplemental claim provides a veteran with the opportunity to supplement their original claim. This is a useful option in cases where additional evidence is available. For example, a veteran or their Huntington appeals attorney could provide additional documentation regarding the disability.

Higher-Level Review

A higher-level review is similar to the standard review that led to the initial denial. This option simply puts the decision to review the case in the hands of another party within the VA. Whether or not this approach makes sense for a veteran is a topic worth discussing with nearby legal counsel.

The most intensive of the three options available is a review before the entire Board of Veterans’ Affairs. This can act like a trial, where the veteran has the chance to be heard and provide additional evidence.

Talk to a Huntington Veterans Disability Appeals Attorney Today

If your VA claim was denied, there is no time to delay. By immediately pursuing an appeal with help from legal counsel, you could secure the disability benefits you deserve.

Do not face the prospect of an appeal to the VA on your own. Contact a Huntington veterans disability appeals lawyer as soon as possible to get started on your appeal.

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